Rough and Smooth

Women play an integral role in the Colombian Emerald business, and almost always make the best brokers, here a local lady shows off some rough stones for sale, her husband takes care of the production and physical labour and she closes the deal!...

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30 Carat Trapiche Rough

Beautiful example of a piece of 30 carat Trapiche Crystal from a mine near Cosquez, Boyaca. should yield around 3 matching stones of around 5 carat  each. this type of emerald is extremely rare, to find out more trapiche emeralds then please click...

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Emerald Dealers

Emerald dealers in downtown Bogota swap envelopes, all street trading takes place in daylight hours as the human eye is most sensitive to the colour green, and artificial lighting conditions dramatically affect the perceived quality of the stone, a lot of the older...

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IEEX Emeralds