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procure the highest quality polished Colombian emeralds

IEEX operate under stringent buying guidelines and processes. We are resolute in our commitment to procure the highest quality polished Colombian emeralds for our clients. This methodology ensures that we can continue to achieve extremely high standards for our clients.

IEEX places each Emerald through a rigorous inspection process. This is managed in-house initially, before the emerald is recorded and sent to the gemmological laboratory to be certified. The laboratory process begins locally in Colombia at the CDTEC facility in Bogota. IEEX then ships the Polished emerald to Switzerland for further detailed analysis by the SSEF Laboratory or the Gubelin Laboratory. The final result will be a certified emerald issued with a certificate to verify the provenance, quality and treatment of the emerald.

“Emeralds are exceptionally rare, in fact for every 30 diamonds that get cut only one emerald gets cut.”

Emerald remains the most in demand coloured stone in North America, beating both sapphires and rubies

It is the unique geology of Colombia that produces the finest specimens of emerald known to man

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