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Sourcing polished Colombian emeralds

IEEX source our Colombian emeralds from independent and noteworthy mines in the Muzo and Chivor region. This ensures that the emeralds display superior characteristics of colour, cut and clarity. We place great importance on selecting the best emeralds. We specialise in emeralds that display little indication of clarity enhancement, and no oil (not treated).

The Company is uniquely placed to source this quality of Emerald via the strong relationships we have. With trusted miners and suppliers in the emerald mining region of Boyacá state, Colombia. This direct bridge between the mining regions and the emerald market in Bogota, means that we can offer our clients high quality, transparency and competitive pricing.

“Emeralds are exceptionally rare, in fact for every 30 diamonds that get cut only one emerald gets cut.”

Emerald remains the most in demand coloured stone in North America, beating both sapphires and rubies

It is the unique geology of Colombia that produces the finest specimens of emerald known to man

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