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Do you only sell Colombian emeralds?

Yes, we focus exclusively on Colombian stones rather than being all things to all people. We are privileged to work with Colombian emeralds as they are universally regarded to be superior to their peers.

Do you service both trade and retail customers?

Although our main focus is trade business we also are happy to assist individuals in sourcing stones of a high calibre. Dealing with a specialist in emeralds such as us will ensure you get an emerald of high quality at a good price.

What does an emerald cost?

This is a very open ended question, a one carat emerald can cost anywhere from $10 to $10,000 dollars and over depending on the qualities the stone possesses. Carat weight is also a large factor; a 2-carat emerald of comparable quality of a $3,000 1-carat stone will not be $6,000. As you go up in size there is also a premium to be added, as the 2-carat stone is more rare in like for like quality than its 1-carat counterpart.

Are all emeralds treated?

No, contrary to popular belief not all emeralds are treated. Although the vast majority of all emeralds are treated with oils of resins to improve their clarity, the finest stones that have no surface reach fissures are impossible to treat with oil making the process pointless. These extra fine quality stones can be identified by a lab report from a reputable lab like Gubelin or SSEF stating that they are treatment free. For more information on emerald treatments please see our education section.

Can I visit you in Colombia or London?

Yes, you can visit us in both Colombia and London. If you are in the trade and think a tour of the emerald mining area would be beneficial to you we can also arrange this for you, a trip to the mystical Muzo region is not one quickly forgotten.

Do you offer bespoke services?

Should you desire a stone for example that is a unique cut or still in its rough form these needs can be met. Our team will work towards securing you a stone that matches your requirements whatever they may be.

Are emeralds associated with any birthdays or anniversaries?

 Emerald is the birthstone for the month of may. They are also the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) anniversary gemstone recommendation for a 20th anniversary. Due to the rarity and individuality of each stone they are also becoming a popular choice for engagement rings.

What are “inclusions” or “Jardins”?

“Inclusions” or “jardins” are naturally occurring and result from the process of emerald formation. These are other materials and fluids that are suspended in time within the emerald as if formed. To people in the know these are not imperfections, if anything the opposite is true. Where as diamonds are sought for their purity, emeralds offer a microscopic world within the stone. It is these inclusions that make every emerald unique, like human DNA no two are exactly the same. Depending on your personal taste you may require a stone with more, or less of these remarkable features.

How can I purchase an emerald from you?

To begin the process reach us via email at to begin a brief consultation process, during which we can narrow down your exact needs. Once you have chosen a stone and made a payment by wire transfer. Delivery to anywhere in the world is usually no more than 4-5 working days.

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