30 Carat Trapiche Rough

Beautiful example of a piece of 30 carat Trapiche Crystal from a mine near Cosquez, Boyaca. should yield around 3 matching stones of around 5 carat  each. this type of emerald is extremely rare, to find out more trapiche emeralds then please click...

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Master Craftsman ‘Lapidary’

The hands of 'Ricardo Jimenez' our master cutter who has over 40 years experience of working with the finest Colombian emeralds. All of our stones are cut and polished in Bogota, the way it should be. Fortunately for us we have a particularly...

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Recutting a 12 carat emerald

  Ricardo our master cutter outlines his plans on removing 3 carats from a 12 carat emeralds, hopefully leaving a perfectly formed gem with optimum dimensions and improved purity. Worth noting, one wrong move can prove extremely costly, even here in Colombia a stone...

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IEEX Emeralds