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Colombian Emerald Supplier

IEEX is an established Colombian emerald supplier.  We exclusivley deal in the very finest emeralds from the leading mines in Colombia. Hence we have detailed  involvement at each stage of the buying chain. We source and supply optimum grade Colombian emeralds for high-end jewellers, boutiques, wholesalers and private collectors.

Consequently with our head office located in Mayfair, London and our buying office in the heart of the Bogota emerald district, the business has a truly international presence. This ensures the constant sourcing of extra fine superior quality Colombian emeralds for the international market at competitive prices.

“Emeralds are exceptionally rare, in fact for every 30 diamonds that get cut only one emerald gets cut.”

Emerald remains the most in demand coloured stone in North America, beating both sapphires and rubies

It is the unique geology of Colombia that produces the finest specimens of emerald known to man

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