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Founded in 1854 in Lucerne, Gubelin started its life as a small watchmaking atelier. In the 1920’s Gubelin expanded its operations into jewellery and gemmology. The gemological lab was used to test the integrity of the stones to be mounted in Gubelin’s jewellery. These services quickly became popular with other jewellers also looking for a reputable way to guarantee a stone’s provenance.

Instrumental in the development of the modern Gubelin laboratory was Dr. Edward Gubelin, he travelled the world to source stones for the Gubelin labs reference collection. He later published a series of books including the world renowned “Photoatlas of inclusions in gemstones” of which there are three volumes.

The “Lapidary Manual Harmonisation Committee” is an industry body that promotes consistency of certificate results across the different labs are members. The labs meet and agree on guidelines for the grading of stones. There can be small details within reports that may differ but the guidelines of the LMHC ensure that stones would receive a broad consensus if sent to multiple labs.

For smaller stones often the cost of a certificate from a major Swiss lab would have an adverse effect on the price. It is for these reasons we will use a local laboratory of good standing to test stones.

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