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Emerald is a Type 3 gemstone, which means it, is considered to almost always be included, the type and frequency of these inclusions is the determining factor in judging the clarity of an emerald. It is also widely appreciated that inclusions in emeralds can also enhance the look of a stone, so much so that the French refer to them as “jardins” which translates as garden.

A stone that is considered “eye clean” (inclusions are not readily visible by the naked eye) is extremely rare and still commands a substantial premium over its counterparts.

 While coloured stones reports vary around the world, the GIA grading system for Type 3 gemstones below will contain a guide for those more familiar with diamond grades.

VVS – Inclusions usually visible under 10x magnification, eye clean.

VS – Inclusions obvious under 10x magnification, visible by eye alone.

SI1 – Inclusions are prominent to the unaided eye.

SI2 – Inclusions very noticeable to the unaided eye.

I1 – Inclusions begin to have an affect on the light return through the stone.

I2 – Inclusions are now having serious consequences on the durability or transparency of the stone.

I3 – Inclusions are now having a serious effect on both the transparency and durability of a stone.

DCL – Not transparent

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