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The market for coloured stones differs wildly to that of its diamond counterpart. Two stones that are identical in dimensions and clarity can be priced with a large difference (the superior stone sometimes many multiples of the price of the lesser stone) due to what may be seen to the untrained eye as a subtle difference in colour. It can best be described as “an art as much as it is a science”.

This aside the 4’cs that are applied to the diamond market also play a major role in emerald grading. Treatment is also an area where emeralds differ due to the unique way in which they are treated. A no treatment stone of equal colour and cut to a stone with minor treatment will command a significant premium.

For emeralds there is a fifth element to pricing that is far more abstract, this element is the character of the stone. It can be the case that an emerald that is not uniformly cut, or lacks preferred levels of clarity can allure even the most stringent connoisseur into forgiving it its shortcomings in other areas due to its character.  Often stones with a fantastic character are said to emit a green glow, or that the stone has “fire” within it.

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