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Treatment with natural cedar oil

The vast majority of emeralds require (clarity enhancement) this process is carried out to improve the appearance of the polished stone, with cedar oil as the preferred choice. The most sought after emeralds are no oil stones, due to their rarity, these emeralds often command a 100% premium over their treated counterparts. Apart from untreated emeralds (no oil) we will usually trade in following grade of emeralds:

Insignificant Oil – Often requiring a tiny amount of oil to achieve their full potential. It may be the case that as little as one surface-reaching fissure has been filled.

Minor Oil – These emeralds will have 3 or 4 surface reaching fissures that have been treated with cedar oil. These represent the vast majority of emeralds sold in mid to high-end jewellers

“Emeralds are exceptionally rare, in fact for every 30 diamonds that get cut only one emerald gets cut.”

Emerald remains the most in demand coloured stone in North America, beating both sapphires and rubies

It is the unique geology of Colombia that produces the finest specimens of emerald known to man

IEEX Emeralds